Toby Tolley, Head Coach - Epee, Foil

Coach Tolley has fenced for 29 years on both the national and international level.  Her achievements include World Cup points, Division 1A National Champion and 7 Sectional Championships.  Prior to opening Duke City Fencing, she represented the New York Athletic Club in competition.

Coaching Experience

    •   Moniteur d'Escrime, US  Fencing Coaches Assoc. (USFCA)
    •   Level 3 Coach in epee & foil, Level 2 in saber through the US Fencing Coaches' College
    •   Five years as head coach for 3-Weapon high school teams

    •   American Sport Education Program Certified (ASEP)

Coach Tolley is also a national and international referee.  She referees for the US Fencing Association at home and abroad.

Our Coaches

Coach Andy

"I like fencing because it's fun, it's good exercise, it offers a good mental and physical challenge. 'It helps keep me young, by gollies!'

"I started fencing in 1999. I've coached in Reno, NV and for the University of New Mexico fencing team.

"In 2016, Coach Andy was awarded the Spirit of Fencing Award by the US Fencing Association."

Andy shares his love of fencing with anyone who is willing to listen. His enthusiasm for the sport, gentle humor, and ability to listen have drawn dozens of people to learn fencing and kept them coming back to practice.


Coach Greg

"I enjoy the camaraderie among Veteran (the USFA 40-and-over competition division) fencers. I started fencing in the VET-40 division 14 years ago. When I did the Veteran circuit tournaments, I'd see the same guys all of the time. We'd all know each other and greet each other with a 'Hi! How're you doing? How're the wife and kids?" Everyone was really friendly off the strip even if they were seriously competitive on the strip.

"I like to travel to different tournaments and see old friends. I'm in the VET-50 division now, and there are so many people I used to know still going to tournaments and even to Nationals.

"Fencing is such a unique sport, it lends itself to that kind of camaraderie."

Coach Lisa

"I love all forms of fencing! I started out as a Classical fencer in 2013, but quickly got into Sport and Historical fencing shortly after.

"I think the greatest thing about being an Assistant Coach at DCF is the students! It’s an absolute joy to lead a class when everyone really wants to be there. It’s also wonderful to get to see a student progress from beginner to advanced, and to know that I helped them get there.

"What I love most about DCF is the positive, inclusive environment. Although we are in competition, everyone is supportive of each other while learning these complex techniques. It makes for a fun, stabby time!"